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Aria Dragonn - Get to know us!

Hello, I'm Mimmi and welcome to my small shop @Ariadragonn :)

AriaDragonn it's inspired by my niece and nephew Aria Shark & Noelito Dragonn. They are the best part of my life and naming my business after them has been very exciting.

I'm a very small shop and work from home. Each of your order helps me grow slowly. I'm hoping to make my small business my full time job in order to focus on the things I love. I always appreciate your support and try to make every gift special.

In my shop you will find the best customizable gifts for all occasion. If you need something special, or specific theme message me and will be happy to work with you.

Join us on our new journey on YouTube @ AriaDragonn
You will fall in love with their smile, silliness, and their amazing videos.

On this channel we share VERY EASY ideas for baking. Our videos are perfect for anyone with no experience at baking as our recipes are a piece of cake ;)